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湖南长沙人,在雅礼北邮康奈尔完成学业,在甲骨文短暂工作过一段时间,在旧金山的设计咨询公司EchoUser做过一段时间的用户体验研究/设计,转战Start-up Zenprise半年之后,便被Citrix收入麾下,proudly的成为了Citrix设计团队里的Product Designer。Nuttyears这个博客,开始是当日记在写,后来因为自己对Presentation,设计和用户体验的兴趣,逐渐转型为半工作半个人类型的网站。有希望交流的朋友,欢迎留言或邮件我:whatiwannasayis at gmail dot com。


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  2. Daniel Roh

    Hey Sally,

    Beyond Games is a new startup that is founded by ex-Lucas Arts guys that just got a huge round of investment. They are currently making a games takes Boom Beach and Game of War with a World War 2 twist and look to it.

    We are currently assisting them in their search for a UX Designer. This person would be assisting in rapid prototyping wireframes, and would need to be flexible with work paces shifting consistently.

    You would have to get your hands dirty with design and really make good clean concepts. If your open to opportunity I’d like to schedule a time for us to jump onto the phone to discuss things in detail.

    When would be a good time to chat?


    Dan the Man.

  3. Sabrina

    Hi Sally,
    Nice to meet you via LinkedIn. I am a headhunter based in Shanghai and now sourcing Sr. UX Designer for the client from internet based in Beijing.
    Are you interested to the opportunity from China now? I am willing to share the details with you from the client if you need more information to decide.
    Look forward to your feedback. Thanks a lot.

  4. Jeet Singh

    Hi Sally,

    I am a recruiter working at Amiseq Inc. and I came across your LinkedIn profile and your portfolio. I believe you are currently Product Design Manager. We have a position of UX Producer to manage a team Apple – Sunnyvale, CA on 12 Months contract. I was wondering If you would be now open to new challenges. As per to the hiring manager, they are seeking someone with a strong UX designing and leadership experience which I can see you are expert with. I can share you detailed job description if this interests you or perhaps we can schedule a to discuss this further. Please let me know your thoughts.

    My number – 408-933-9438
    Jeet Singh

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