Living fossil

Saw this girl’s wedding photos on Facebook the other day. She was smiling happily, with her family, marrying a guy who to me just a stranger, and their wedding is so faraway on the other side of the world, a continent I’ve never even been to.

Until today, I don’t think the girl know me in person anyway. The only connection I had with the girl is that she used to be the girlfriend of this friend I know.

That’s it, and I am not even close with that friend now, and all those past has past, the girl lives in her world whereas we live in ours. She photos and smiles stay there like a living fossil, reminding me of how eventually everybody’s life would move on, with or without memories.


How did I get here, knowing this many friend and acquaintances, judging by the increasing number of friends on Facebook or whatever social networking service, but, how many of them do you still talk to? Where were you when you first meet them, and where are those shared memories, still there?

How did I get here, having listened to this many songs and watched this many movies, who are you thinking when you listen to those songs, and who were you with when you watched that particular movies?

How did I get here, having traveled this many places and taken this photos, sometimes too quiet, sometimes too crowded, and who were those people you had in those photos, who were taking the photos for you, and where are they now? And you, do you think of them only when you see them?

Or even that smell, how did I get here, having lived in this many places, and the smell of the wood would take me back immediately to the room with a similar kind of smell, along with all the moments I lived in, and they will smell like that forever in my memory.


Living fossils, they are invisible and yet ubiquitous. Don’t tell me that you haven’t come across them yet, cause you must have lived in some vivid, passionate, colorful and unforgettable moments before. Then certain ‘geographical events’ came along the way, the species are packaged into fossils by some irresistible power. It’s an inevitable and irreversible fact, that those species will extinct.

Unforgettable? Maybe in the beginning, then when you learn to get used to the new environment, unforgettable become a sarcastic term, cause you do forget as if you’ve never lived in those moments.


Until you get to see some of those living fossils. Then you realize, they are there, and will always be there, shaping you and your life quietly.

Think it’s both painful and yet healthy to get to be reminded of them once in a while. You get to taste that bitter drop of life, and the realization of that was the past, you’ve gone through it, and you can never go back, brings the level of compassion and appreciation, that cannot be achieved by any type of happiness at the moment.

Happiness always people blind anyways. Not to say blind is a bad thing.



“我去密尔沃基之后的周末,前男友和他的现女友结婚了,晚宴在我们曾经常常陪他爸妈去吃晚饭的Lake Club。婚礼简洁大方,很美好,照片里零星看到他爸妈和其他家人,多少有些怀念,毕竟他们曾经待我像一家人,而我曾经是给过他那份承诺的。两个人的缘分 就是这么奇妙,最终没能在一起,婚期却是一前一后只差一个月而已,而现在,我竟然连他的手机号码都背不出来了。也不是觉得遗憾,当初离开也许是我这辈子做 过的最重要最正确的决定,可是多少有些感慨,感慨年少不懂事的时候,竟然曾经那样伤害过别人。每次听Adele的Someone like you,唱到i wish nothing but the best for you,都会想到他,在当初为什么心动都已经记不清的时候,还能感觉到一丝丝曾经被爱过的温暖,是不是也算是一种幸福。”

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