Goodbye, girl (5)

Summer was always good times to hang out with our graduate buddies, especially when the mission now is to connect the two social circles that we built separately in our first year. I guess we both somehow had this emotional attachments to the group of friends we knew when we first came to the States. They are the core part of our friend circle here at Cornell, much closer than other aquaintances. She has heard so much about my friends and I have heard so much about her friends before the two friend circle got arossed. So it’s actually a pretty interesting scenario when we meet in person, people you have “known” for quite a bit.

Chen was not quite good at cooking, i have to say. She was slow in preparing the food, and always afraid the oil’s gonna spill on her LOL. Like everything else she does, she slowly picks on things, very slow, then she masters in it. Me, on the other hand, were always this brave and brutal girl in cooking, that I chopped meat like vegetables and always wanted bigger and bigger fire to quickly heat the food. I remember cooking bittern pig feet before her group of friends’ visit. That was literally in the middle night, and we need to chop this big chunk of pig feet that we bought in the super market earlier. I had this bigger knief that I bought with me so I took the lead, and started chopping it very forcibly… it was not easy at all and it caused A LOT of noise… not sure if we disturbed other neighbours or not (i am sure we did), but that was the moment, I really really wanted to do something for her friends, and eventually for her, like what she did when I invited my friends, when we prepared food and cooked straight for almost 3 hours. We tried hard to become real friends, by syncing our social circles together, which lead to the consequence that we had way more things to talk about (our chit chat’s always around these mutual friends that we had 🙂 ), and we got to spend our leisure time together hanging out with these friends. Now, our friends.

Ha~ not sure if this place’s still look the same now 😛

Our coffee machine and blender!

She’s on the left and I am on the right 😀

Summer’s never gonna stay still. It slipped away sooner before we students could get a grasp on it. So here came the new semester. We both were occupied by our TA/RA duty, but we tried hard to not be like those roommates who rarely see each other and always have to guess whether he/she’s at home, even if they live under the same roof. Yeah, a lot of roommates that I know of are like that… I would always shouted out her name when I arrived home, and she did the same. We tried to talk whenever we had time and both of us were OK to be disturbed, during cooking, eating, late night when we both got back from the school, on the bus, etc. about things we experienced, saw, or merely just felt or even guessed, sometimes even about our wierd dreams, which are not reality at all. The topic got deeper and deeper along with the time. I really believe that all stable relationships, no matter how noble it seems to be, have to be built on this little sneaky things. They are secrets that you would never share with other people (including your family, your boyfriend or girlfriend), it could be something/some people you really hate in life, or it could be some non-sense that you thought it would make you sound really silly when you say it, but with this very person, like me and Chen, it doesn’t matter, we are not afraid to be judged by each other, so we could literally say and share anything we want. I am glad that I have an outlet like this, cause really, even though I believe that keeping certain things away from certain people is one of the skills we need to have in general social interactions,  that’s not pure human nature, at least not mine. I’d like to be straightforward with people, be honest with them, but that’s not how I was taught to survice in this grown-up world. So in my life, I desperately need someone to be able to hear and understand us from every aspect, someone we could disclose to without any hesitation. I am so glad that I found Chen, someone I can talk to and not afraid of the fact that she’s carrying all my secrets around 😛

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