They are indeed all life coaches

Was in this Swedish + 推拿 massage session yesterday, and half way through the session, i asked the therapist, what got you into this?

He smiled (of course, as i was facing down, i judged from his tones and imaged he probably did) and said, i am actually writing a biography about myself lately. I was surprised, not because a therapist shouldn’t write a biography, but he doesn’t look like he’s getting towards the last lap of his life. He’s in his early to mid 40s i’d say, not to an extent that one would write a ‘summary’ about oneself.

He went on, describing his experience though: i used to be a financial investigator, mostly making sure that all money coming in to the States investing US companies have valid sources, no terrorists or any vicious sources were involved. I started right after when 9-11 happened, and did that for 7 or 8 years. I experience so much mental and physical pain during that period, was flying all the time to different cities to perform the investigations, and was under a lot of pressure. I literally feels my life would be significantly shortened did i keep doing that.

So he gave up his career, and spend quite some money into a physical therapy training course, which requires 7,200 hrs of training in total. He did that in one year, learned all kinds of massage approaches and obtained his license. “It’s like a second life to me”, he said, “and I’ve been doing this for 3 yrs, feeling much more relaxed and healthier, I am helping others and helping myself.”

“Financial investigator” sounds like a pretty general and deceptive job title. He could be one of those secret agents involved in national security, and became a therapist and having a job that’s very Zen, just right to the opposite of the his previous life. Very interesting … lying on the massage coach, i can’t help ‘novelize’ his stories.


As part of the promise i kind of set in my last blog post, which is to keep doing some kind of exercise to maintain body condition, I’ve been going to this spinning class in gym this week. Did two one-hour session so far, 45 minutes spinning plus 15 minutes core, so far so good.

The coach is a girl named Carrie, in her late 20s. Like any other training coaches, she’s very fit, strong and energetic. Towards the end of the session, all of the sudden, she took on this very serious look and said,

“I was on this mission in Heidi, with a friend of mine for a few weeks. After the friend came back to the States, people asked him, how did you get so healthy and fit, and tanned? The friend said, that’s what you get by living in a 3rd world country.”

“Eat from less options, more physical work every day, and less sitting, browsing online or watching TV, that’s all what it takes to lose the extra a few pounds on your body. I just don’t understand why some people just can’t do that, so they died in their 20s, but won’t be buried until they are 80s (ouch, that’s harsh…). I just can’t accept people who say they can’t lose weight, what do you mean that you can’t do it?!”


It’s interesting to see people in sports, training or massage therapy, closely relate their mission/career to one’s mental health. I think to a great extent, it’s true, sweating, and the process of keep pushing and challenging yourself is a way to relieve pressure, and poisonous elements from your body. To me, it’s really not about losing weight (i wish though). I tried keep exercising to see if I can lose 5 more pounds, but that ever happened. But indeed, i’d feel differently about myself. Not only the body’s in a better shape, but also it brings a sense of concentration, confidence and energy. The sense of being physically superior is probably one of the oldest instincts of human being, so that sense of confidence is very natural, and no one can take it away from you easily.

The only problem is that I really need to keep up to that, it’s literally a part-time project that you need to put in 10 hours a week. Let’s see if I can do it for the full month. Your body is something that no one can take away, and more importantly, you cannot give it up.

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  1. someone

    Life is movement生命在于运动… maybe the therapist’s novelize stories is a kind of movement in his lifetime


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