Goodbye, girl (4)

I know how boring this sentence sounds, but really, how time flies. While I am sitting here (in a plane to San Francisco)  recalling my apartment in Cornell, I am about to see my new apartment in San Mateo in less than 5 hrs!

The aparment in Maplewood was my home, but you know how the sense ownership gets divided by the number of people who live in it. Like I never would have thought of buying a frame to hang our photos in the living room, getting standing lamps to light up the place, buying a clock and all other funny/silly, necessary/unnecessary, cute/ugly decrorations Chen and I did for our living room.

If there’s one thing we had in common, that must be the passion and pursuit we had for a better and more enjoyable life. I always found myself to be too easy-going during most of the time. Easy-going in this context means I am probably too subjected to the influence brought by people surround me. If there’s someone who has deeply influenced me in the past year, then she must be the one. She happened to have this lighter that lighted my desire to do these silly little things to prove our existence in this place. I remember we spent a couple late nights in Walmart, Kohls and Wegmens looking for random things we imagined a perfect apartment should have. Coming back home and spent more time in figuring out how to fit those things in with our rooms (Gosh, I miss those hours we spent together putting up the artistic shaped clock she found in Kohls, printing, cutting and pinning all those silly photos into the frame, etc.) All these motivations and passions to life she gave me, which back then I always found a bit costy, now all becomes these precious memories that I had with her, and with my one year in Hasbrouck. Loved couples need to live together, which I now understand. Cause life just uses its invisible and invinsible power to tie you two together in so many different ways, so that it could actually hurt you when one of them has to leave at some point.

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