Goodbye, girl (3)

Our conversation got deeper in our “first night together.” I had to catch an early morning bus in baker flag pole, and she let me stay in her place which was within walkin distance to the bus stop. I guess i talked too much over the dinner (since I learned later on that the only thing she was really into was eating during meals). We chatted for like 3 hrs, childhood, boyfriends, parents, grand parents, her summer travel plan and the fact that she would be soon running out of money. I don’t think we enjoyed spending time together because we found so many things in common, instead, we were sharing our own stories, different stories which reflects our different experience and perspectives on life.

Even though only with a sleeping bag on the ground, I slept quite well in her place, not only because i started to like this girl, but also I didn’t notice her snoozing at all (i guess i would rethink the idea letting her be my roommate if I knew that earlier, muhaha).

“How about looking for an apartment together?” I was the person who bought up the idea, and she responded really quick “yes.”

I don’t think either of us realized how much commitment we bought into this when we agreed to look for an apartment together.  People started to grow more and more into their own particular shape, or in other words, more nad more stubborn when they grow old, especially among people like us, oversea Chinese graduate students with a big ego whether we admit it or not. Being friends, hanging out once in a while might be easy, but living under a same roof might be difficult. I’ve seen too many friends who ended up not really talking to each other that much when they become roommates.

Nevertheless, we bravely did it. She wanted save money, and I wanted a bigger bedroom. That’s it. We just clicked.

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