Goodbye, girl (2)

First winter I spent in Cornell, I had this chorus concert performance coming up in Sage Chapel. I remember getting at least 10 tickets from the chorus manager and I was so sure a lot of people would be interested in going. However, it turned out, not too many people wanted to spare the effort walking uphill for 20 minutes and spending two hours watching/listening to a group of girls wearing black dresses (the kind that covers everything and you don’t even get a chance to know how their feet look like). Growing up, things like this just keep coming, they crash down your hopes, lower your expectations, make you become a “stronger” person,  and thus live a happier life.

But she was one of them, people who once in a while give you that kind of hope, even though that might not be a lot, it’ll still make you believe someone’s out there supporting you. She bought one ticket from me. That was the second or the third time we actually met individually on campus, in front of the engineering library.

It was raining as hell on that day of the concert. A lot of people changed their mind, but I knew she was there. I was so busy changing after the performance, didn’t even get a chance to say hi.

Are you, somewhere out there in the audience? 😛

A month later was my birthday. Like my dad, I was so into this big group gathering thing (which always ends up as a mess with too many people and too little space). As I recall it, the “blast” birthday party involved too much food, drinking and too many dishes to wash. Honestly, I don’t think we were that close back then, but she seriously came in two hours earlier to help me set up things. Compared to the chaos later that night, that was probably the best two hours I had on my 23rd birthday, preparing food and casually chatting with her. We started to talk about our relationships and our boyfriends, which was like a big step forward in girls’ friendship (or if you call it a relationship LOL).

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