Goodbye, girl (1)

i thought i’d have a less dramatic leaving from the east coast, but all of a sudden, the sunny NYC started to rain. Hopefully it’ll not be too heavy so I can get to Memphis in time for my next flight.

This summer has finally come to an end and it was both short and long, in some way.

It was short, like any other summer vacations that I had in my life as being a student, especially a grad student. Every day just repeats itself, you go to your office, do (or at least pretend doing) some kind of work, and then dinner, movie and other leisure stuff for the night, and then comes the more relaxing weekends, trying out new restaurants in Ithaca until we actually run out of our options, and then we pick our favourite ones and try them all again…

Long in a way that I actually had a whole summer to say goodbye to my Ithaca, Cornell and all those dear dear Cornellians that I have acquainted, friended and shared great memories with.  When you started count down your days in this place and this kind of life style, suddenly everything you did seemed to be more precious, cause there might not be a next time.

So many things are like this, things that I’ll probably never get a chance to experience once again in my life. Things like, having a roommate that I were so close to.

Chen’s definitely this “tiny little” thing that I’ll miss when I start my life in California (especially when I’ll be sharing a house with two other male roommates with whom I doubt if we’ll ever have conversations…). Chen and I were different, in a lot of ways, preference to food, life style, clothes, and yeah, men LOL

I remember first seeing her in Beijing airport, when I was busy taking out things from my check-in luggage, just to avoid paying the extra check-in fee, and she was there with her parents, wearing a “manly” T-shirt , like she always does. Yeah, we could say we were flying together from Beijing to the States, except for there was an aisle between our seats, and I was reading and chatting with my friends all the way while she was sleeping straight for … i bet more than 10 hrs!

Arriving in Ithaca, we both started our explorations to this new country on our own. While I have my little Peggy and Wendy, she had her crazy Geology buddies that she could hang out with. We were not close, both geographically (she lived in Stewart ave and I lived in maple) and academically (she studys rocks, well…  i guess i can say i study everything except for rocks… ), but somehow when I think of female Chinese friend in Cornell, she’s always the first one pops out in my mind, even though I barely knew this “crazy” girl back then.

Do you still remember when and where this was?

And this is the first photo we’ve ever taken together… correct me if I am wrong, since you know that i have a bad memory 😛

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, girl (1)

  1. cc

    1st, why i am tiny little…
    2nd, i was wearing a girly T-shirt when I first saw you! at least, i think so…
    3rd, why you look like buddha (the happiness one) in the photo? 😀


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