A lot of updates

Haven’t been writting anything here for months (well, more like 2 months), and I do have tons of things to update here.

First, moved from the east coast to the west coast, settled down, had a new home and have been getting use to the new “boring” life here LOL Not too many friends at the beginning, as I expected, gradually getting to know people and the new environment around me, more time for retrospection and thinking.

Second, have been writing something to cherish my pieces of memory at Cornell, still doing it, hopefully can spare time to finish it soon. Suddently realize everyday work is the most effective thing to destroy any long-term plan you’ve got outside of your work. Since more of the time, you get off work, get back home, cook dinner, and then, you want to do nothing but watch several TV episodes or a movie, then go to sleep.

Three, watched quite a bunch of good movies over the summer, “inception”, “the prestige”, “Amadeus”, just to name a few, want to be able to write something down, about my feelings, thoughts and comments. Something that I need to be motivated to accomplish. Recently, got interested in watching “mad man” series, partly due to the one episode that I watched in Chris and Shreyes’ home, partly because its lasting popularity in the emmy award, just finished the first season, three more seasons to go. The fall TV season’s about to begin, glee, weeds, House and DH are all on the list.

Fourth, yesterday morning, heard the news that the former HP CEO Mark Hurd is hired by Larry to be the CEO of Oracle. Hmm… interesting, the CEO of the company’s … in one sense, more “junior” than I am. Haven’t heard Mark Hurd before, only knew he was fired partly due to some sexual harrassment scandal (Larry’s not gonna be surprised about that, i guess). One colleague shared a video which featured Mark’s speech in Berkerly in 2009. Watched it with HY later today. The speech was pretty good: clear, precise, solid and convincing. He’s a great speaker, story teller and data interpreter, and knows how to win people’s trust and confidence. Overall, he made himself sounds like a good CEO. Whether he’ll be a good fit for Oracle, let’s wait and see.

More stuff, both trivial ones and important ones that will probably shape my perspectives of life, i’ll have to remind myself to come here, to at least write something down every couple of days.

9 thoughts on “A lot of updates

    1. Sally

      是啊,懒得post那么多照片到这里来了,不过不晓得word press有没有像msn那样的,把照片放到幻灯片widget那样的功能啊?

  1. Yujia

    “Suddenly realize everyday work is the most effective thing to destroy any long-term plan you’ve got outside of your work. ” – EXACTLY

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